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Dominique DE BEIR


Title : Isle de Jean Charles

Author : Frank Smith
760 dollars / 650 euros


Printed in 20 copies on 220 gr paper.

Enhanced with a wax drawing and

several perforations on each page.

Each book is numbered and signed.

Dominique De Beir born in 1964, is a French artist.  She uses unusual tools to cover paper supports with perforations. By the repetitive and relentless character of her actions, the artist gives to her work a ritual and choreographic dimension.

Titre : Isle de Jean Charles

Auteur : Frank Smith

650 euros / 760 dollars

Imprimé en 20 exemplaires sur papier

de 220 g. Enrichi d’un graphisme à

la cire et de nombreuses perforations sur chacune des pages.

Chaque livre est  numéroté et signé.



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