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Charlélie COUTURE

Title : La clameur des lucioles

Author : Joël Bastard

Size : 28 cm x 22 cm

1640 dollars / 1400 euros

Sold out 

Enhanced with a original drawing on the front cover and with three original photos, printed in 10 copies, numbered

and signed by the author and the artist.

Charlélie Couture is a French artist,  singer, painter and photographer. He lives and works in New York and Paris.

CharlElie is one of the founding members of the « multism », seeking interconnections between the different forms of expression (photography, writing and music).

Over 30 years, CharlElie has released

23 music albums, books of reflexions, poetry and novels, he has exhibited his work of photographs and drawings in Europe and then in United States.



Titre : La clameur des lucioles

Auteur : Joël Bastard

Dimensions : 28 cm x 22 cm

1400 euros/ 1650 dollars


Enrichi d’un dessin en couverture et de trois photos originales de Charlélie Couture, publié en 10 exemplaires,

chaque numéro est signé au colophon par l’auteur et l’artiste.

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